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Radio Off Delay Module

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Alt Part #: 362177
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Radio Off Delay Module
$76.49 ea.
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  • Cool Modern Accessory For Your Classic!
  • Controls Vehicle's Radio Power Line To Keep The Radio On After The Key Is Turned Off
  • Monitors Dome Light Circuit To Shut Radio Off When Door Is Opened Or After 15 Minutes
  • Includes Self-resetting 7-amp Fuse
  • Using High Amp Relay (Not Included) Module Will Control All Accessory Power
  • For Ground Sourcing Dome Light Switches (Most GM Cars & Trucks)
  • 12 Volt Systems Only
  • Made In USA
Looking for cool accessories for your classic? How about listening to your radio after turning the key off ? just like modern luxury cars? After shutting down the engine, this unit will keep the radio power active for 15 minutes or until a door is opened. This allows you to continue listening to the radio without leaving the engine running or the electric fan operating. Not limited to just the radio; could be wired to control all accessory power so you still have control of the power windows after the key is off.