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1952 Early Chevy Parts

Minor change occurred from the 1951 Chevrolet Styleline and Fleetline models to 1952. Ads claimed they were “more beautiful than ever” yet little was discernible. A couple of new additions were wider parking lights and a row of “teeth” along a formerly smooth grille. The Chevrolet Bel Air hardtop was praised as being reliable and reasonably priced.

Mechanically, nothing was changed. Those with Powerglide had a 105-horsepower engine while those with manual shift only a 92 horsepower rendition of the Stovebolt Six. As before, the bigger engines had hydraulic lifters, while manual shift drivers endured the familiar clatter of solid tappets.

For the last time, a Fleetline two-door fastback remained available but only in DeLuxe trim. It was Chevy’s last fastback sedan of the era.

Otherwise, the model lineup remained the same – Styleline Specials and Styleline Deluxes with Powerglide only available on the Deluxes along with freshened interiors that harmonized with body colors.

Even with civil automobile production being cut due to reaction to Korean conflict, Chevrolet again posted sales well ahead of Ford.

Head of engineering Edward H Kelley was replaced by Edward N. Cole implying that major mechanical changes were in the works.

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